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Johanna Ilander

Hello, I am Johanna Ilander, an illustrator living and working in Helsinki. I find it important to create images with different moods, stories, joy and humor.

I love patterns and I use them a lot in surfaces and details, for example. I like the handmade look and I try to get a little jaggedness in my illustrations by using different pens and surfaces. I draw a bit by hand, but most of my illustrations are done digitally. My favorite subjects are everyday life, people, characters and animals (especially cats) and all kinds of treats like buns.

I have illustrated children's books, postcards, posters, tags and magazines, among others.

I am very interested in new commissions! Please contact me, even if your schedule is tight. I always try to be a flexible and kind partner.

Along with creativity, I always try to stay practical and realistic. I am able to look at things from a commercial point of view and consider, for example, technical limitations. I also do graphic design, so in addition to illustrations, I can also provide finished print products if necessary. I have a business ID, so invoicing is possible.

Mäkelä Publishing, Taito magazine, Pentik, PetriS Chocolate, Luonto magazine.