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Ilja Karsikas

Hi! Nice that you ended up here!

I am Ilja Karsikas – an illustrator, graphic designer and picture book author. I’m living in Helsinki, Finland, working at Super 8 studio in Kallio.

I’ve been working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 2003 when I graduated from Lahti Institute of Design. During the past years I’ve done a lot of editorial and corporate illustrations, children’s book illustrations, book covers and music related illustrations. At the moment I’m working with public art and children’s book projects, for example.

I’m open for many kind of commissions so don’t hesitate to get in touch! As an commercial illustrator I'm represented by Napa Arts & Licensing Agency.

I have worked with visual identities, children’s books, book covers, advertising, editorials etc.

My visual world is cohesive, harmonious and beautiful. Warm humour and storytelling are often at the heart of my illustrations. I create both small-scale, sensitive and touching works, but also large-scale public works with the working group Naapurit.

Finnish institutions:
Finnish Post, YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsinki University, Kirkko Helsingissä (Church in Helsinki), Human Rights Centre in Finland, National audit Office of Finland VTV

Music related clients:
Ruisrock festival, Universal Music Finland, Suomen Musiikki

Publishing houses:
Kustantamo S&S, Tammi, Otava, WSOY, Etana Editions, Gummerus, Nemo

Commercial clients:
Elisa, Kemira, Wärtsilä, Stockmann etc.