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Janni Mäkinen

Hey! I am illustrator Janni Mäkinen. I'm often unconventional and silly, but also serious about things that are important to me.

I make illustrations in Turku and I'm saving up for a van home. I create illustrations digitally for almost everything, always keeping my values in mind. I'm also happy to take on projects where the screen is replaced by a brush, a saw or even a hot glue gun.

I get most excited when the collaborator/client is excited about the project too. That's when we work together to create an illustration that means something to both of us!

I'm at my best when I am allowed to let my illustrations shine with color, imagination, humor, and ease. My favorite things to illustrate are people, nature, and small details and objects.

I have a passion for illustrating children's materials, as I was originally a children's instructor!

Kielinuppu, Unga Teatern Espoo, K-Supermarket Föri, TPS, K-Supermarket Piikkiö, Taikanorppa

"In cooperation with a local brewery, we produced a beer for our store, for which we wanted a personal and distinct label design. At very short notice, we asked Janni to join us in this project and she designed a very effective and one-of-a-kind look for the beer. The appearance of the bottle has received a lot of praise from both the brewery and our customers. We booked Janni in advance to design next year's label as well."

– Amanda Isotupa, K-Supermarket Föri

"Janni did the illustration for the Unij Iltarutiinit functional board for my company. Coming up with ideas with Janni was natural. The careful listening throughout the sketching phase of the work calmed my confused mind and Janni was able to capture my vision. The work was immaculate, the images brought the feeling to life, and I was blown away when I received the finished piece. The finished product was beyond what I expected! Janni's work pace was quick, and our collaboration will definitely continue! I highly recommend her."

– Jenna Kodisoja, Unij