Hi there! I'm Jenna Nelson, an international pattern designer with years of experience. I enjoy creating detailed, nature-themed worlds in my often colorful patterns. I have worked as a textile designer for Vallila Interior in Finland and Williams-Sonoma Inc. in the US. I currently design patterns under my own brand Luova Flow and have collaborated with companies such as Young Finnish Design, Annala Oy, Yiume and Rovaniemen Kangas ja Sisustus Ky. Creating magical worlds for various illustration, interior design and clothing purposes is something I’m skilled in, and I am used to handling design commissions from brainstorming to digital editing and creating production-ready files. I am a positive, outgoing and helpful person and work well under pressure. I am always interested in developing my techniques. I lived in the US for 3 years, so communicating in English comes naturally.

My special expertise is in the area of ​​pattern design. Creating seamless raports with an interesting flow and exciting atmosphere is close to my heart. My diverse background guarantees that I am flexible and good at adapting to changing circumstances. The work of creating balanced and rich patterns is relatively easy after more than five years of experience.

Yiume, Annala Oy, Williams-Sonoma Inc (Pottery Barn Teen), Rovaniemen Kangas ja Sisustus Ky, Unelmankin Oy, Vallila Interior

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