Hi, I'm Julia Janka, an Tampere based illustrator, fine artist and graphic designer. Variety and exploring different genres are the key elements of my work: I paint and photograph, illustrate natural scientific materials as well as books and book covers, and design textures and patterns. I also create illustrations and murals both in interior spaces and outdoors. Thanks to my traditional education in the arts, I master several painting and drawing techniques. As a graphic designer, I’m also an accomplished digital illustrator.

I specialize in natural science illustrations. I prefer to paint species descriptions and biotopes with watercolors, but for example, I illustrated the Urban Rotten Wood Guide book and the ecological compensation board game called Offsetting Game, digitally.

Publishing houses: Minerva Kustannus, MEAN Publishing, Opinkirjo

Advertising and communication agencies: Genero, Mediasignal, TBWA Helsinki, MCI Press, Booming Strategies, Marketing agency Deeper, Mrs Designer

Organizations e.g. City of Tampere, City of Oulu, City of Nokia, Tampere Public Transport, Tram Alliance, UPM, Metsäkeskus, Viherympäristöliitto (Green Environment Association), Ekokumppanit (Eco partners,) Vihervuosi, Tampereen Vihreä Viikko (Tampere Green Week), Villi Vyöhyke ry, Diabetes Research Foundation, Katrin, Bioretec, Celgene, Häme Liikunta ja Urheilu, Santa Maria texmex, Ekman Law, Huittisten Säästöpankki, My Country Home, Villa Harmonie, Modus ry and Taidesuunnistus ry

Magazines: Kirkko ja kaupunki, Tampereen Luonto (Tampere association of the Finnish Nature Conservation Association), Kidd.o, Lakimiesuutiset