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Jutta Kivilompolo

Hi there! I am Jutta Kivilompolo, a freelance illustrator and visual designer based in Helsinki. I'm skilled in making patterns and colourful, joyful illustrations. I have many years of experience in digital as well as print media and I always make the design from the very first sketch till the final print/digital form. My clients have described me as reliable and easy going, and that they can count on getting everything done by the deadline. I've made projects for big and small companies all over Europe and some also in the USA, and therefore invoicing is possible also for companies abroad. My minimum wage is 500€ (excl. VAT) per project.

I am skilled in book layouts, package design, UI design and animating. I also make murals for both interior and outdoor spaces.

Karisto, Sanoma oy, Into Publishing, The Finnish Psychological Association, Lahti City Theater, Suomen tiedekeskukset ry, Reaktor, Hivpoint, Kavi, Central Organization for Finnish Culture and Arts Associations (KULTA ry),, Kide Science