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Kaisa Salmiosalo

Hello! I am Kaisa Salmiosalo, an illustrator from Kaarina. You might know my illustrations by the name Bedaprint. The name Beda comes from my grandfather's mother. I think Beda is the most beautiful name in the world!

My illustration style is distinctly representational and my pictures are recognisable by their gentle and soft muted tones. A dash of black is a must, though! My illustrations feature recognisable flowers and birds, but I also love the imaginative world that gives the viewer more freedom for interpretation.

I live on an island, so it's quite obvious that I'm inspired by nature, everything from small bugs to the big waves of the sea. Birds and other animals always bring a smile to my face. In the city, I enjoy people-watching and picking up color combinations for my work, for example.

I have room in my calendar for new clients. My working language is Finnish. I design cards for Suomen Korttipiste and my own collection under the name Bedaprint, check out my online shop!

I get excited easily and immerse myself in my work. The client is my priority and I have been praised for being easy to work with. I do most of my illustrations digitally. I have designed hundreds of postcards and know the industry well. Another specialty of mine is embroidery, which I have designed for my own collection as well as for others.

City of Naantali, Nutricia, Suomen Korttipiste (previously Karto), Taito Magazine, Häät Magazine