Hi! I'm Kirsi Tapani, an illustrator and graphic designer from Nousianen. I graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2000, worked in an advertising agency for 9 years and since 2008 with my own company. I am open to all commissions for illustration work, I stick to the given deadlines and respect the visual wishes of the client to get the desired result. I am the most excited when drawing human and animal characters and I immensely enjoy working on projects for children and child-like people. Humour is a trusted collaborator of mine and with a cheeky attitude I like to observe our ordinary, rich life.

I can listen to the client's wishes and the best illustrations are created by brainstorming together. I dare to offer my own visual ideas to support the final result, and I am open to experimenting with different techniques. I am at my best when drawing human and animal figures.

The Finnish Brain Association, LiikU, regional sports organisations, the municipality of Masku, the municipality of Mynämäki, the city of Naantali, the municipality of Nousiainen, the parish of Nousiainen, Nutturlan makasiiniteatteri Theater, the city of Raisio, the parish of Turku and Kaarina as well as local companies and associations