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Leena Kisonen

Hello! I am Leena Kisonen, a Finnish illustrator based in London, UK. I specialise in Scandinavian style illustration which is a great match for quirky products, packaging and brands.

My style is positive, playful and bold. Especially colors and their unusual combinations are an important part of my work. I create my illustrations by combining handmade papercuts to digital vectors. There's always something handmade in my work while the final result often is digital. I want my work to channel good energy and help my clients be recognisable.

I work internationally with my clients in Europe, USA and Asia. My working languages are Finnish and English. I've recently designed characters for MyToys, one of Europe's largest kids' brands and created a visual identity for Lilk, a plant-based milk brand from the UK.

My work has been awarded by 3 x 3 Mag, Applied Arts Awards and Folio Awards amongst others.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if my work resonates with you!

I specialise in illustration for packaging, products and brands. I create my recognisable work by combining handmade papercuts to digital vectors. My final illustrations are digital and they can be easily modified for different uses.

Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Lilk, The Finnish Post, Refinery29, Finnair, MyToys, Atlassian, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Intercom, Helsinki Design Week, Unilever, Kubo Agency, Putinki