Hello! I am Mari Nikula, illustrator and graphic designer.

A trained eye for the visual, an efficient and precise way of working and a client-oriented approach are the cornerstones of my work – not forgetting open and warm communication. As a designer, it is important for me to clearly understand the client's wishes and goals and to create designs that meet them.

I mainly work with digital illustration. However, I like to intensify the atmosphere of the images by adding texture using traditional methods. I pay particular attention to composition, color, the context of the image and the message it conveys in terms of content and style.

I also create light animations based on the illustrations.

I am happy to accept new commissions. If you think my style would be a good fit for your project, feel free to contact me!

You can find more work samples on my website.

Editorial illustration (magazines), marketing, animated illustrations, illustrations for visual identities, graphic design

Kalevala Koru Oy, Koululainen magazine, Kaksplus magazine, Kainuu Children and Youth Culture Center Kulttura Ry

"Mari is a talented illustrator and graphic designer. She has a sharp visual eye, good ideas and vision. It has been a pleasure to work with her for several years now."

– Mia Haajasalmi-Blomqvist, Art Director, Kalevala Koru Oy

"I worked with Mari for a couple of years on the illustrations for Koululainen. Mari was a precise and nice collaborator whose illustrations are cheerfully imaginative. She manages to tell a whole story with just one picture."

– Hannele Tavi, Producer, Koululainen magazine / Otavamedia Oy

"Nikula showed an imaginative, innovative and ambitious approach to her work. Nikula's illustrations brought the children's fairy tale characters to life in an inspiring and fresh way."

– Roosa Yrjölä, Producer and Communications Officer, Kainuu Children and Youth Culture Center Kulttura