Hi, I am Maria Vilja, an illustrator from Helsinki. I illustrate children's books, magazines and online content. I am inspired by people, children, sensitivity, everyday life, society, psychology, grittiness, diversity, nature and details, to name a few. I am interested in the point where the conventional meets the magical. I like to work in many different styles, always according to the client's needs and desires. Lately I have been fascinated by digital drawing with a painterly touch. I enjoy colors and line work.

I have illustrated a lot of journalistic content on mental health and child welfare. I get a lot of good feedback for illustrating difficult subjects with a hopeful approach and carefully considered details. My children's book series Näkymätön reppu (Invisible Backpack) deals with sensitivity, and the exhibition and workshop based on the series have been well received.

Tehy - The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland, Kavi – National Audiovisual Institute, Lääkärilehti (The Finnish Medical Journal), Karisto, WSOY Publishing, Advokaatti Magazine, Tekstin talo ry, Tunne & Mieli Magazine, Lapsen maailma Magazine, Kirjapaja Publishing, Kotimaa Magazine, Kirkko ja Kaupunki Magazine