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Meeri Hentilä

Hi, I'm Meeri Hentilä, an illustrator and graphic designer. I make simple marker works and watercolors, which are characterized by a sketch-like line and a relaxed brushstroke. I use Photoshop to make some of the illustrations into collages.

I am inspired by everyday observations, people I meet and nature. I am also involved in making art outside of my work, which expands my skills. A visual observation I make in the morning rush or in a coffee shop might end up in my sketchbook and I often share my observations on my Instagram account, go check it out! With my illustrations, I try to convey warm humor, appreciation for differences, and moments that condense a certain insight or feeling.

It is important for me to really understand the client's needs and stick to the schedule. My working languages ​​are Finnish and English. You can see more of my expertise on my website, please take a look. I have space in the calendar, get in touch and we can start working together right now!

I am particularly good at illustrating books, articles, and websites, and my book illustrations have received excellent reviews. I get a lot of commissions to do portraits. I also make logos, branding, and websites with WordPress. I am a fluent writer and I also create texts for websites.

Karisto, Iso Numero, Fisplay, Srk, Verson Puoti, Kaleva, Hatfuls, City of Oulu, University of Tampere, University of Lapland, Karhu Coaching, Drop accessories

"Meeri Hentilä's insightful and beautiful illustrations have given our project visibility that most research projects do not have. The illustrations have been commented on and admired at every presentation and seminar where they have been displayed. Many have stated, even a little surprised, that the money allocated to the project could be used more often to visualize the research ."
- Matleena Ylikoski, PhD researcher, Comet research group, University of Tampere