Hello! My name is Meria Palin and I am an illustrator based in Tampere, Finland. I have a master's degree in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art, UK. My debut picture book Taikapuikot was published by the lovely publisher Etana Editions and was chosen as one of the Most Beautiful Books in Finland in 2020.

In addition, I have illustrated Tuula Korolainen’s book Sara and the Lost Rain (Karisto, 2020), which received a media mention in Hiiibrand International Illustration Competition. Prior to my Master’s studies, I held drawing workshops for families at the Natural History Museum in Helsinki.

Currently, alongside picture book projects, I create children’s picture trails around the Culture Centre Villa Tahmela here in Tampere. I am a mother of two wonderful teenage children and in my illustrations, I tend to mix current places with those sweet memories of moments experienced in my own family life.

My specialty is creating picture books with a story-driven approach, so that when you turn the page, the illustrations flow seamlessly. My favourite part of making picture books is visualising a storyboard for the author's abstract. The layouts of the books I illustrate vary, although the style and colour palette within a single book remains the same to keep the story cohesive.

Enostone Publishing, Etana Editions Publishing, Karisto Publishing, Lumooja, The Finnish Nature Association (Luontoliitto), Juhlatykit, Talotuote, Stem&Glory London, Suomen Latu, The Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS

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