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Miia Puustinen

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Miia Puustinen, an illustrator and designer from Vantaa, Finland. I do illustrations, patterns, product design (2D), public art, concepts and writing.

The essence of my design and illustration practice is curiosity, playfulness and storytelling. I love colors, materials and thinking about how things feel – physically and mentally. It’s important to me to please the senses, express moods and convey atmospheres. I love to paint and draw by hand, and often like to cherish the ease and small details of sketches in my work.

Wandering around and observing the world are my main tools to get new ideas. I'm also inspired daily by my 2-year-old kid and 70-year-old house and garden.

My studies in textiles, design (BA) and visual storytelling (MA) at Aalto University and my work experience as a full-time designer at Vallila form a strong combination of expertise in the world of stories, arts and materials. I have designed a lot of patterns and colors for different products (especially interior textiles and ceramics) and I am very familiar with the technical side of production.

Vallila, Arabia, Rörstrand, City of Helsinki, Flow Festival, Suomen Lanka, Aarrekid, Puuvillatehdas, Into Publishing, Soupster Family, Innofusor, Aalto University