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Nalle Mielonen

Hi! I'm Nalle Mielonen (he/him), a Helsinki-based freelance graphic designer and illustrator. As a designer I have a special interest in stories, visual narratives and themes that embrace inclusivity and diversity.

My designs come in various styles but always with a personal touch. I’m happy to execute an already well-planned idea but I truly excel when I'm able to put all my creative energy to play and help a client find the best illustration solution for their project.

My pricing is always project based. I will include pricing details in the official quote, so you know exactly what's included. Small jobs can sometimes also be charged on an hourly basis.

My working languages are Finnish and English. You can find my full portfolio on my website and on Instagram. Check it out and let’s get in touch!

Digital illustration is my specialty. Working digitally speeds the work process from start to finish and allows me the freedom to experiment with styles in order to find the right one for the project. Posters, cover art, magazine illustrations, label design, logo and concept design are my specialties.

Sakara Records, Makea Coffee, HOK-elanto, Promakers, Tuju Brewing Company, Backstage Rock shop, Time Films, Calico & co. , Whatevergroup, Wacky Tie Films, BUFO, Sons of Lumière, Aamu Film Company, Fossi Films, H. P. Lovecraft – Finnish historical society ry