Hi, I am Natali Kit, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Finland. I complete projects quickly and efficiently, helping companies of all sizes with advertising and marketing campaigns (e.g. illustrations, pattern design, brand visual identity, infographics, animated graphics, social media assets, PR materials, brochures, etc.). I work fast, which is why my colleagues have nicknamed me "Work Hero". I'm a personable and efficient graphic designer and illustrator, and always a pleasure to work with.

My working languages are Finnish and English.

In my daily work I constantly use programs such as Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimension, After Effects, InDesign, Cinema 4D, Power Point, Corel Draw, Canva, Figma, Premier etc.

A great project begins with the first step. Contact me and let's get started!

I have a classical art education and I excel in academic drawing techniques, colour theory, perspective and other art theories. I enjoy integrating these with the latest trends and technologies, such as 3D. My artistic production covers a wide range, including drawing flora and fauna, depicting people and architecture, creating patterns and designing packaging.

I am proud to have worked with many esteemed clients such as Reima, Putinki, Häät magazine, and others. The feedback I’ve received has emphasized my creativity and professionalism.
Here are a few quotes:

"Natali has excellent skills in digital marketing and has a lot of passion for developing brand marketing in general. She instantly adapted to our team and has always come up with new, fresh ideas. She is eager to take on new duties and to learn new skills, while also showing great "sisu" to finish her projects with perfection. I can warmly recommend her to any company whose Marketing team needs a committed and versatile member".
– Riikamaria Paakkunainen, Communications Manager at Reima

"I've had the privilege to work with Natali in Reima's global marketing team, and learned that Natali is a multi-talented creative, eager to always learn more and develop her skills – which are very important skills in the hectic working life and highly valued by the team members. Natali is full of ideas and always ready to make them come alive!"
– Jaana Salo, Global Marketing Manager at Reima