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Nora Surojegin

Hi! I’m Nora Surojegin and I do illustrations for children's books, magazines, covers, interiors, and companies. I create atmospheric, quirky images, campaigns, product design, comics, wall prints, wrappings, whatever you can think of.

I am skilled in digital painting, traditional media and black and white work. I am also an author of children's books! Working with me is easy and flexible and the communication is clear. Let's do amazing things together! Check out my portfolio link, come chat with me on social media or send me an email.

The ability to see the essential (and interesting non-essential) in stories and create visually compelling worlds and multi-dimensional characters. Depicting nature and creatures and expressing subtle feelings are my areas of expertise. I have over 15 years of experience in making books, from producing text to illustration and layout. My images often have warm humor and playfulness.

Otava Publishing, Karisto, Tammi Publishers, Minerva Publishing, F-Kustannus, Tarina ja Kosketus Oy, Edukustannus, City of Tampere, B Wahlströms, Project-TOP Solutions Oy, Fixcel Group Oy, AW2-architects, Marketing Communications Agency Source & Kitchen, DNA, SOS-Lapsikylä, Kumma-kustannus, Parker Hannifin Oy, Fukuinkan Shoten Publishing, Floris Books, and other various independent clients, associations and companies.