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Ohto Oinaanpää

Greetings from Ohto Oinaanpää themself.

I am piously fond of creating 3D related content. This particular trait has haunted me through both my professional and personal life since the early stages of the last decade.

My style relies on an abundance of information, floating geometry and somewhat shameless encounters. Having spent the vast majority of my career doing technical visualizations, I can also function well in highly specified projects.

I am genuinely open to a variety of tasks related to my craft.

I consider myself rather skillful at bending vectors into a form that is both creatively and technically satisfying. My mathematically precise operations seem to work well in two dimensions as well, even though the third one is usually on my mind.

My main tool is 3ds Max, but ZBrush and Adobe software are also in constant use.

Mostly Finnish architect studios and constructors, but I’ve also become familiar with advertising agencies and the video game industry.