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Olga Veselovskaya

Hi, I'm Olga Veselovskaya, an illustrator, art teacher and interior architect from Helsinki.
Nature and species illustration have been my main subjects for over a decade, with watercolour as my technique. I enjoy studying and drawing the details with respect to anatomy and botany.

Illustrating children's nature books is also a passion of mine, where the expressive combination of realism and fairytale is born. I enjoy working on projects that promote environmental awareness and ethical lifestyles. When we're on the same wavelength, it's easy to immerse myself into the client's world and turn their ideas into images. My clients often become regular customers, even friends.

I illustrate regularly for the nature magazines Sieppo, Environmental Education and for SEY Animal Welfare Finland. My latest books are Mystinen lipas (A. Yousfi / Kustannus Z) and Lapsen oma retki kasvien salaisuuksiin (A. Hakulinen / Minerva). My working languages are Finnish, Russian and English.

My expertise includes species illustrations of animals and plants, as well as nature illustrations for children. As an interior architect I draw atmospheric images of old wooden buildings.

I have been described as a master of color and I can create intense palettes. I teach visual arts, such as my workshops for the Gallen-Kallela Museum and participate in juried international exhibitions.

Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki, Docendo/CrimeTime, Minerva Publishing, Kustannus Z Publishing, The Finnish Nature Association, Foundation for Environmental Education FEE Suomi, SEY Animal Welfare Finland, Gallen-Kallela Museum, Kesälahti Regional Museum, Varma Pension Insurance Company, Raduga Publishers (Moscow, Russia), Isha Vidhya Schools - Educating Rural India.

"Thank you for the absolutely wonderful forest page spread! It has an amazing effect of depth, in the front the elk appears as a fairytale king, while the small colourful creatures and details make the picture delightful." - Marjo Suolanto, reporter at Sieppo nature magazine

“Thank you so much Olga! The author is absolutely delighted with the illustrations!!! None of the Indians at the publishing house believe that you have not been to India: they think we are joking.” - Inna Brar, illustrators’ team coordinator, Isha Vidhya Schools - Educating Rural India

"Thank you for your work on the children's learning materials. The project went like a dream, it was a joy working with you, and the illustrations were wonderful❤" - Annukka Seppävuori, communications specialist, producer at SEY Animal Welfare Finland