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Pekka Rahkonen

Hi! I am Pekka Rahkonen, an versatile illustrator and cartoonist with a degree in architecture. I acquired the enthusiasm and basic skills for illustration in the 1970s and 1980s, drawing both in school and in my spare time. I have been working as an illustrator since the 1990s and as a full-time illustrator since 2003. I have created numerous textbook and editorial illustrations, as well as cartoons and weekly caricatures for various magazines.

Due to my education as an architect, my special expertise lies in illustration work related to construction and buildings. In addition, I am familiar with educational materials and illustrations for children.

Edita Publishing Oy, SanomaPro, Otava, Gummerus, Aamulehti, The Finnish Ministry of the Environment, The Finnish Diabetes Association, Sley-Media Oy, Karas-Sana Oy, Lastenkeskus and Kirjapaja Publishing Oy, The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Kehitysyhteistyön palvelukeskus Kepa ry, The Central Union for Child Welfare, The Church Council of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Felm (Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission), The Finnish Bible Institute, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Atria Suomi Oy, Roche Finland Oy, Oy Eli Lilly Finland Ab, Tampere-Seura ry, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare