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Pia-Maria Pohto

Creating magic with my words and illustrations.

I am #magicbearer Pia-Maria Pohto. My expertise lies in velvety soft pastel paintings, portraits and Finnish mythology, focusing on children and nature. I am an illustrator and a writer.

I also plan and create multisensory art and nature spaces to improve workwellbeing. It is also very meaningful to run art workshops for schoolchildren. In these, I usually teach about the creatures of Finnish mythology and elves thru my illustrations and books. Audiences often get excited about the Finnish Sauna Elf Santtutonttu that I created — a character who loves sauna and traveling. It first embarked on an adventure in my children's book, which received the hundred-year-old Finland honorary mention and has since become a real-life character.

Welcome to my online store, Taidemetsän puoti, to explore my work!

Enchanting regards,


I work in the field of meaningful and multisensory art. As a #magicbearer, my strength lies in bringing feeling and enchantment into illustrations. They have been described as "Enchanting oases that one can immerse themselves in".

Ajasto Paperproducts Ltd, Paletti Oy, Harvia Global, Riitan Herkku Oy, Linnapaperi Oy, Jokipiin Linen, The Hospital of Central Finland, Co-working space Crazy Town, City of Light, Jyväskylä.