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Saara Tuomela

Hi there! I am Saara Tuomela, a 36-year-old illustrator from Oulu and a mother of five lovely children. I love to let my imagination fly free and depict the dreams and worlds that I see.

My favorite subjects are beautiful and unreal things, such as big fruits and dreams. My working technique is usually a combination of markers and watercolors. I always color and finalize my works using Photoshop.

When working with a client, I begin by going through the contents, schedules, prices and wishes, after which I make a sketch or a storyboard. After the next meeting, I execute the project according to the agreed schedule and deliver the final illustrations to the client.

Products I’ve illustrated include picture books, educational materials, characters, cards, company banners and cartoons.

Animal characters, single panel comics and learning materials. I use single panel comics to illustrate the central themes of the project with a touch of humor. If you need a lively and compact visual summary of your training materials, please contact me.

Martat, Opike, University of Turku, City of Pori, University of Oulu, Mieli ry, Orvokki Shelter association, Nordbooks, Duuli Oy, SRK