Hi! I am Sahar Ajami, a Helsinki-based illustrator. I enjoy illustrating emotions and telling stories through images. I grew up in Iran seeing strong women fight for their rights, which made me passionate about creating impactful illustrations to make a difference. With a focus on women, my illustrations address social and emotional issues and human rights.

My practice includes visual art, illustration, graphic design, cartoons and picture books. My projects range from editorial illustrations to award-winning cartoons. My work has been published in numerous books and art catalogues. During my studies at the University of Oslo, I explored the visual aspects of Henrik Ibsen's dramas, focusing on female characters and illustrating them. In 2018, with the mission of creating a better world through art, I founded Beyond Art Oslo with five other women.

My working languages are English and Persian. I also have a basic knowledge of Norwegian and Swedish, and am currently learning Finnish.

I am particularly good at editorial illustration and cartooning and have won several awards in these fields. I am also skilled at illustrating children's books and magazines. My work has been included in over 20 books. I do a lot of drawings, line art and digital and vector illustrations for various clients. As a graphic designer, I have a good knowledge of design, branding and visual identity.

Cartoon movement
Erlik Oslo magazine
Utrop (a Norwegian multicultural newspaper)
Norsk Bibliotekforening (Norwegian library association)
University of Oslo
MiRA Resource Centre (Oslo)
Jam-e Jam (a daily newspaper published in Iran)
Roshd (children’s magazine)