Hi there! I am Suvi Kari, an illustrator and graphic designer from Sipoo. I often depict animals, nature and plants in my illustrations. I often create my illustrations by painting with different techniques and image editing. I graduated from Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences in 2005. My work often combines illustration and graphic design. I have illustrated picture books, children's story and activity books, covers, information boards, product packaging, postcards, prints and safety reflectors.

I am good at painting animals and nature with traditional acrylic and watercolor methods. Image editing is also a strength of mine and I create impressive digital images and photo montages from my photographs and paintings. I love designing patterns. I also design cute safety reflectors.

Djurens Rätt (Rädda Djuren-klubben), Haamu Publishing, Municipality of Sipoo, Municipality of Utsjoki, BeU Beauty, Mad House Helsinki, Lastenkulttuuriyhdistys Laku ry, S&S, Arilyn, Oblivia, Tekstitalli

"An illustrator who moves smoothly between the above and the underworld, illustrating not only ghosts but also fairies, giants and fairy-tale characters"
- Tiina Hautala, Haamu Publishing

"And Suvi, I think those photos of yours are wonderful!"
- Kaisu Kotaniemi, Utsjoki municipality

"Thank you so much for a cute product, nice design and for your team work! I hope we get in touch further on with more orders."
- Åsa, Djurens Rätt