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Suvi Suitiala

Hi! My name is Suvi Suitiala (she/her). I love illustrating people, especially women, cigarettes, flowers, beautiful furniture and little knick-knacks. I use bold colors, create graphic shapes and combine flat surfaces with different textures. As an illustrator, it is important for me to understand the client's needs and goals. I love working with an AD who has a clear idea of the illustration, but I'm also happy to contribute to the design process and share my ideas.

When I’m not working, I’m all in for winter sports: I snowboard, cross country ski, take hikes and spend time at my cabin up north. In the summertime I try to figure out skateboarding.

I speak Finnish, English, some Swedish and a little bit of Spanish.

I'm open for commissions, I hope to hear from you! I'm happy to also talk about my pricing.

I’ve worked with editorial illustration, commercial illustration, pattern design and events' visual identities. I work digitally, which makes my illustration process very flexible: I can adjust and modify my work quickly and easily. Depending on the project, I can work within a strict schedule if necessary. My illustrations are lively, expressive and modern.

Hakola, R-Collection, Finnish Design Shop, Franckly, Pyhä Ski Resort, Slow Down Studio, Finnair, TEHY, Luonto-Liitto, MORICO, The Finnish Illustration Association.