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Tommi Bäckgren

Hello! I am Tommi Bäckgren. I’ve worked as a professional in graphic design, illustration and animations since 1996. Publication media include CD-ROM, DVD, internet and television. I mostly work in mixed media and copy illustration, i.e. I can continue the path started by another graphic designer if they are no longer available during the project.

On work projects, I often do almost all aspects of the project: project management, scripting, illustration, interface design, animation and programming. The sound design I leave to others.

I also produce AI-based images (e.g. Midjourney and Stable Diffusion) and teach others how to produce them. You can find related images on my Instagram.

I specialize in the following areas of illustration: character design, continuing the style of other illustrators, 2D animation, online learning materials, game design, productions aimed at children and young people (24 years of experience), portraits, and images that are produced with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Finnish Parliament, Economy and Youth (TAT), The Central Union for Child Welfare, Wsoy, Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, The Finnish National Agency for Education, Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, Nokia, Fimea, Finlayson, Novita

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