This is an exhibition you won’t want to miss, particularly if you have even the slightest inclination to a dark sense of humor. Galleria Kuvitus is hosting a collection of renowned Icelandic artist and comedian Hugleikur Dagsson’s original pen drawings.

Hugleikur Dagsson has published around 30 books, written 3 plays, directed his own animated TV series and is also a stand up comedian. 12 comic books by Dagsson have been published in Finnish by Atena Kustannus. Hugleikur Dagsson’s visual world draws from Keith Haring’s legacy. In addition to stick figures, symbols and objects such as crosses, hearts, penises, guns and baby carriages are a typical characteristic of his works. Dagsson’s cheeky humor doesn’t beat around the bush, but strikes at the core of sensitive attitudes and topics. His work can be very dark and very filthy, but also pretty sweet and silly. Among other comic artists, Dagsson has been influenced by Johnny Ryan, Sam Henderson and Bill Watterson.

Dagsson likes to start drawing and see what happens. That’s how he started his career as a cartoonist in fact. He drew a couple of stick figures without knowing what they were about to say. All of a sudden, it turned out that having no idea can be a gateway to having multiple ideas. So many ideas that it’s impossible to carry out all of them. That’s just what Dagsson’s first international solo exhibition is about: A collection of ideas he never got around to before, because he was busy working with other ideas. Meanwhile, Dagsson is the first international guest of Galleria Kuvitus which will finish its first five years in existence in February. The exhibition opens right before the stand-up tour Dagsson Does Finland, organized by W&T Comedy.

Hugleikur Dagsson was born in the winter of 1977 in North Iceland. Since then he has been breathing oxygen and drawing silly things.


The artworks are sold online at the artist’s website.

Photography: Ilkka Vuorinen

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