Sami Viljanto’s future studies based exhibition “When it’s too late, we’ll dance” is on display at Galleria Kuvitus from 4th of November until 10th of December 2022. Through easily approachable aesthetics, the works in the exhibition aim to carry the viewer’s thoughts towards different visions of the future and our possibilities to actualize them. 

In the 1960s, the future was seen bright. By the 2000s, we believed we would be traveling by flying cars, living under glass domes on alien planets, or at least underwater. Now, in the 2020s, instead of the horizon, our gaze is on our feet and the discussion about the future is largely focused on dystopias. What kind of future are we creating without utopias? In addition to this core question, the works in the exhibition reflect on e.g. our perception of time, the impact of our history on how we see our future, and understanding of our role in the long chain of humanity. The exhibition has been supported by The Arts Promotion Center (Taike), Grafia and Kuvittajat ry.

The exhibition also displays an essay, written especially for the exhibition, by future researcher Marianna Mäki-Teeri. The essay serves as a central framework for the exhibition.

The essay written by futurist Marianna Mäki-Teeri (pages 4-6)

Sami Viljanto, (b. 1981) formerly a person with fish allergy, currently an artist from Helsinki, has employed himself as a freelance illustrator for the past ~15 years. A selected list of clients Viljanto has worked with include e.g. Samsung, Valio, Fazer, Rakkautta & Anarkiaa film festival and several different publications.


Photography: Ilkka Vuorinen

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