Frequently asked questions about the expense grant


How do I estimate the amount I should apply for?

Find out what the current price is and justify the amount in the application. For example, if you are buying several different kinds of traditional art supplies, make a calculation of the individual and total amounts.

What if the item is on discount or the item changes?

If you’re able to buy the item at a more affordable price, you’re allowed to use the rest of the sum for other professional small purchases if the amount is less than 70 euros. For larger amounts, you must either return that portion of the grant or submit a request for partial change of use declaration. The requests for partial change of use declaration should be addressed via the grant system with a message. However, minor changes such as changing the brand of an item do not need to be informed if the item still stays the same: it is sufficient to report the change in the grant report.

Please note that if you have originally applied for a travel grant and a part of the grant was not used, you can’t change it to a purchase grant with the request for partial change of use declaration. The remaining amount must be used in the same category for which you originally applied. If you can’t use the remaining amount, you must return it to Kuvittajat ry. Please submit the request for partial change of declaration via the grant system’s message function well in advance before the report deadline.

Can I apply for an expense grant if my working space is at home?

Yes, if you can justify with a calculation and specify the section of the total cost of the space. If you live in an apartment or house that you own, you can also calculate the section of the working space for which you would be applying for the expense grant. If you live with other people, add only your share of expenses to the calculation.

Calculate the expense of the working space by first calculating the cost per square meter of the apartment and multiplying it by the number of square meters of the working space. In this context, the cost is the rent or maintenance charge, not, for example, water and electricity costs, unless they are included as a fixed part of the rent.

What expenses can I include in my travel grant? How do I report my expenses in the application?

Travel expenses may include air, train, bus, or boat tickets. Tickets for local transportation to your destination are also acceptable. If the total cost of the tickets does not meet the minimum of €200, the balance may be covered by accommodation costs. Receipts for all travel and accommodation expenses must be submitted with the report. Other destination expenses, such as museum tickets and meals, are not covered.

Please calculate the cost of your proposed itinerary, listing the items included. Include links or screenshots of the websites you used to calculate the cost of the trip. If you are also applying for climate compensation, make sure to include this in your application.

Can I qualify for climate compensation if part of my trip is made by air travel?

No. The climate compensation can only be admitted if the trip is made entirely by land.

Can I apply for the expense grant for service procurement such as computer maintenance or a comprehensive eye examination? How about computer glasses?

Eyeglasses, eye examination and computer maintenance may be acceptable expenses if the need is related to the illustrator’s profession and is clearly stated in the application. These expenses must be applied for in the purchase category.

What purchases can’t you get a grant for?

Purchases that are not related to the profession of the illustration. The application will also be rejected if it is incomplete. Usually, the application will also be rejected if the report from last year’s grant has not been completed.

Can I make the purchase in the name of my trade name or other company form?

The expense grants will be admitted for private individuals and the grant will be paid to the account of a private person and under its taxation, so it is not possible to apply as a company.

Is there time to leave the Kopiosto Grant of Rights during the application period?

Yes, if you make it in the Kopiosto authorization online service until the end of the application period. The status of your Grant of Rights and other associations that you have given the authorization to, you can also check in the online service. More information:

How do I report the grant?

The purchase must be made and reported through the grant system by the date mentioned in the application announcement. Expense receipts must be attached to the report and the total amount spent must be at least the amount of the grant. If you’re unable to attach receipts to the report, a bank statement is also acceptable. The expense receipts must show that the received grant has been used. In addition, a short explanation is required about the use of the grant. If you have made a request for partial change of use declaration and received an approval for it, please mention it in your explanation.

How should I report the expense grant on my tax return?

The amount of the grant awarded by the private entity and the associated costs for the grant are entered on the tax return, and the amounts cancel each other out.