Apply for expense grants in September


Who is it for?

The expense grants are aimed at professional illustrators, including part-time illustrators. The membership of Kuvittajat ry is not required, but since the grants are funded by remunerations collected by Kopiosto, we hope that you would give the Grant of Rights to Kuvittajat ry. The Kopiosto Grant of Rights will be given in Kopiosto’s online authorization service. If you’re not able to give the grants of rights online, you can contact the office at

If you have already given the Grant of Rights to Kuvittajat ry, please note that there have been updates to it based on the new changes in the Copyright Act. These updates will be accepted in the authorization service with bank credentials.

When to apply?

The application period is September 1-30, 2023. The application closes at 23.59 pm.

The applications will be processed by a jury appointed by the board of Kuvittajat ry. After this the decisions will be published on the association’s website. The usage period of the grant starts when the illustrator has been informed about the decision. Grants must be used and reported by September 1, 2024.

What is it?

The expense grants are intended for travel, education, exhibition, or work space expenses and for professional equipment. The expenses cannot be incurred before the are published. Only one grant will be admitted per person per year with a maximum amount of 700 euros and can be applied for in only one category per year. The amount can also be lowered. The minimum amount admitted is 200 euros.

Categories of expenses are:

Travel grants will be admitted to a trip that’s costs exceed 200 euros. Travel grants will not be admitted as per diem or kilometer allowance. Residency applications that are in the process phase will not be admitted for travel grants. You can also apply for a travel grant also for trade fair or other internationalization investments. If you are traveling by land outside the Nordic and Baltic countries, an extra 100 euro grant can be admitted as climate compensation, so travel grant can be applied up to a total of 800 euros.

Education grants will be admitted to professional additional education, including online courses. Education grants will not be admitted to basic level studies.

Exhibition grants will be admitted to illustration exhibitions only. Exhibitions that are in the application process will not be admitted for a grant.

Working space grants will be admitted to cover the rent or ownership expenses.

Purchase grants will be admitted to cover professional expenses such as devices or material purchases. Computers, tablets, printers, and other electronics are typical items to apply for, as well as different kinds of software (Adobe, etc.). Electric desks and work chairs, storage drawers for illustrations and other office work related accessories are also accepted professional purchases. Grants for illustrator’s traditional illustrator supplies, such as pens, paints and papers or graphic arts supplies and professional literature will also be admitted. In your application, explain how the purchase is related to your work as an illustrator.

What attachments do I need to send?

For travel grants accommodation and traveling estimates of costs must be included in the application, and receipts must be presented in the grant report. When applying for exhibition or working space grants, please attach a rental contract or other calculation in the application. When applying for a purchase grant, attach a link to the product you are purchasing. If you are buying multiple items like pens and brushes, include a calculation for those products.

How to apply?

Kuvittajat ry uses an electric grant system that requires registration before creating an application. If needed, ask for technical support through the grant system by sending a message. You can fill out the application in Finnish, English or Swedish.

More information and support

Explore frequently asked questions about the expense grants.

If you have any problems with filling in the application or with the accessibility of the application form, please contact: Membership secretary Emilia Alm,