Frequently asked questions about the project grant

What should you know about applying for a project grant?


To whom?

1. Can I receive project grant even though I’m not yet a full member?

If you are a professional illustrator, you are welcome to apply. The professionalism criteria are the same as our full membership criteria. If you are not a full member, please attach a CV to proof your professionalism. The jury can take full membership and giving a Kopiosto Grant of Rights in consideration when comparing otherwise, equal grant applications.

2. Can I apply if I live abroad?

You can apply if you are a Finnish citizen abroad or a foreigner in Finland – either one connection to Finland must exist.

3. Can I apply for project grant even if I work full time?

The project grant is meant for working, so it offers the financial opportunity to organize time for your free artistic work. You can consider with your employer if it is for example a one day in a week, a week in a month or using the whole grant period in one go. Kuvittajat ry does not require one whole grant period like many other foundations that gives out grants, if the illustrator gets to arrange to use the grant somehow during the year when it is admitted.

Illustrator can explain to its employer that they also benefit from this project: illustrator learns new things and temporary secession from work increases well-being at work!

4. Can working groups receive a grant worth over 7500 euros?

For working groups, the amount is max 7500 euros per person in charge. Two persons in charge can apply 15 000 euros with two separate working group -applications for a shared project. For entities bigger than this we do not admit grants. The names of the working group members and the part of their work must be stated in the application. The possible grants will be paid straight to the members of the working group.

To what?

5. To what expenses can I use the project grant?

In the final report explain what you accomplished during the grant period: what did the time allow for unrestricted working. You can use the grant for paying expenses like rent, maintenance charge, food, and other living expenses that you would otherwise pay with your salary. To what did you spent the grant in practice, doesn’t need to specify.

6. Do I need to have a contract with a publisher or exhibition space when applying?

You don’t need to have a publisher or exhibition space booked up but the more ready and executable the plan is, the more convincing it is. You can for example list the exhibition spaces and publishers that you would contact first.

7. Can I get the grant for producing my own postcard and poster collection?

The project grant will be admitted for artistic work, so you can’t apply it for printing expenses but instead if you work with these illustrations then it is acceptable.

8. Can I apply the grant for taking part in a course, when there’s a project produced during the course?

You can apply for a project which you are going to execute as a part of the course. Although you can’t apply for the course fee: the project grant is for working only.

9. Can I apply the grant for my artistic development without a physical product?

You can apply the project grant for your own artistic development or for example learning new techniques. This kind of creative break is more justified to an illustrator who is already experienced than to an illustrator who is just starting in the business. Project grant applications that are less tangible, it is advised to be precise, so the project plan is clear structured and convincing.

10. Can I apply the grant for a project if it has already begun?

You can apply grant for some smaller part that is part of a longtime project, for example developing a storyboard or finishing illustrations. This part execution would be allowed to start at the earliest in June 2023 when the grants have been awarded. It is not sensible to apply Kuvittajat ry grant for several part executions which all belong to the one and same project, but different part executions can have other financiers.

11. Can I apply the grant for a comic project?

Kuvittajat ry grants are distributed from illustrators’ remunerations and that’s why they are admitted to illustration works only. For comics, grants are admitted primarily via Sarjakuvantekijät ry. Kuvittajat ry can admit grants for illustrating comics depending on the jury’s consideration but not for background work or for manuscript.

What is a Kopiosto Grant of Rights?

12. I haven’t given a Kopiosto authorization, what does it mean in practice?

Copyright organization Kopiosto collects centralized a few cents compensation for copying and digital use accordingly to how much they are used in the ministry of education and culture, municipalities, churches, corporates etc. From all the compensations accumulates a sum that is worth many millions in euros. This will be distributed due to the copying type to different fields of author and publisher organizations, like Kuvittajat ry.

Kuvittajat ry distributes the main part of the compensation to authors as grants. When giving the Grant of Rights in illustrator attribute to Kuvittajat ry, it also enables this project grant application, so we recommend that you would give the Grant of Rights. It is not a requirement for applying but when reviewing equal types of applications, the Grant of Rights can act as a supporting factor.

You’ll find more information about giving the Grant of Rights here. Kopiosto is pleased to give more information about the system and the situation of your previously given Grant of Rights. We at Kuvittajat ry can also easily check if you have already given the authorization to us. Ask via email:

Few questions left!

13. Is Project Grant tax-free?

Private facets like Kuvittajat ry paid grants are taxable and the association has announced legally admitted grants to the tax collector so they will be on view in the tax return. Although tax will not be collected if the illustrators total sum of grants (both from public and private payers) in a taxing year does not exceed the amount of the artist grant. In 2024 the tax-free limit is 26 269,46 euros.

More information about taxing grants here. Artists’ Association of Finland’s taxing guide can be read here.

14. How do I write a good application text?

You can take into consideration our published grant guidelines for tips on how to write a good and clear grant application text. You can download the pdf file here.

15. Can I edit sent application?

Unfortunately editing after sending is not possible. Please check that the application is fully ready, and all the attachments are added before you send it. If you have made a significant error in the application please contact us via the grant system with a message, we can try to help.

16. When will the grants be paid? Can I get it as late as next year?

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions in the payment schedule, all the grants will be paid at one time. The work can begin at the earliest in June 2023 when the grants have been awarded.

17. If my schedule or project changes, what will I do?

You can apply extra time if you have a good reason for it, for example if it is related to your health or your working status has changed. Content of projects tend to change a little, it is part of the artistic work. If the project changes significantly and the book becomes an exhibition or performance instead, contact us.

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