Leskinen, Maria


Maria Leskinen: Meditation, 2020 (Muu; Kollaasi, Maalaus, Sävytetty piirustus)

Kuvituksen nimi

Meditation, 2020


Teos kuvaa meditatiivista, rauhallista olotilaa. Käytin työn tekemiseen lyijykyniä, öljyvärejä sekä digitaalista maalausta.
This work represents the peaceful feeling that you can find when meditating. I made this work with pencils, oil colors and with digital painting. 



Hi, I am Maria, a Finnish illustrator living in Tampere. I started working with illustrations in 2012 in Lapin ylioppilaslehti the University magazine of Lapland while I was studying there art education. I am educated as an art and psychology subject teacher, master of arts.

Almost everything inspires me and especially people, different cultures, psychology, justice and nature. My illustration style is detailed and my works have surrealistic nuances.

My favorite techniques are pencils, inks, markers and combining them with digital painting. I make also portraits and oil color paintings for clients. Making illustrations to magazines, web sites and create post cards and posters is familiar to me. I always want to learn new things as well. I have made works for Finnish and Spanish clients. Next already started dream is to write and illustrate a book.

Prize: Pro Futura Europa: Third prize in the national fine art competition organized by national board of education, 2004.


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