Löydä kuvittaja

Camille Romano

I am a French illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki. I have been living in Finland for about 15 years.

As a creative, I find myself at a crossroads where handmade and digital meet. It is at this crossing that I uncover new ideas.
I grew up in France, in the countryside outside Paris. I studied in Paris at Duperré School of Applied Arts before moving to Finland in 2008. There, I continued studying graphic design and spent my exchange studies in Japan.

With a diverse range of experiences as a freelance designer, in-house creative, and collaborator within creative agencies, I bring a unique perspective to every brief, whether working within a team or independently.

I currently work from my studio in the colorful district of Kruununhaka in Helsinki. My time is divided between work for clients/ creative agencies and personal projects.

I am also into handmade textiles and am a published knitwear designer.

Packaging and industrial print techniques, surface and pattern design, branding, editorial illustrations, technical schematic illustrations for knitwear/ fashion.

Novita, Finnair Bluewings, Making Stories Magazine, Fika Tokyo, Grafia ry, Miltton Oy, Aivan, Eclipse Music, Kiasma Museo, Ateneum Museo, Putinki paperikauppa, Papershop, Nide kirjakauppa, Kaffe Markka (Japan), Deutsche Grammophon (Universal Music)...