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Olya Tsikhanchuk

Hello! My name is Olya Tsikhanchuk. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, art educator based in Finland. I have a passion for bright colours and simple shapes, that in combination can speak volumes in terms of design. In the current world, where negativity often prevails, it is crucial to look inward to tackle external challenges. My art serves as a starting point for self-reflection, as I explore the fundamental aspects of my existence as an artist. By contemplating my purpose and agenda, I strive to engage in meaningful dialogue with myself and the world around me, fostering a richer understanding of life's complexities. And sometimes I make art that has one simple but pivotal agenda - make people smile.

I work with clothing brands, publications, independent retail shops, product companies, and anyone who wants to make this world a happy and beautiful place. My special skill is communication and speed. I respect my clients and their deadlines, but I am daring in telling my vision and suggesting what can be best for the client, leaving them an opportunity to make the final call.

JellyMallow (Etelä-Korea), Soulbase magazine (USA), Ninyes (Suomi), Maisonette (USA), Punkt.Publishing (Ukraina), Zara kids (Espanja), Rasmussons.de (Saksa), Töastie, (Iso-Britannia), Wander and Wonder (Hong Kong), Punavuoren Peikko (Suomi), Bobo Choses (Espanja), Repose Ams (Alankomaat), Bittle Land (Venäjä), Tigi (Venäjä), Like Lou (Ruotsi), Bobbin.hood (Alankomaat), Murals Campus Allegro (Suomi), Artemis and Appolon (Kreikka) Afyny Clothing (Ukraina), Dear Lois Magazine (USA) Bookids festival (Valko-Venäjä), Chegesta (Venäjä), Ivy Babies (Kuwait), Summer in May (USA), Nykarleby Stad (Suomi), Bravery magazine (USA), Sloppop.nl (Alankomaat), PetiteMonkey (Alankomaat), Big Idea Lab New York (USA)

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